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Gigaset N510


Configuration Assistant

  • Connect the base to the internet, then use the mobile phone to access the menu
  • Settings: OK
  • Telephony: OK
  • Start configuration assistant? Yes – OK
  • Choose IP-Account: IP1 – OK
  • Auto configuration code: NO
  • Select country: Switzerland – OK
  • Select provider: 
    • standard account: peoplefone – OK
    • HOSTED account: peoplefone HOSTED – OK
  • Username: peoplefone SIP Username (11 numbers)
  • Password: peoplefone SIP Password (characters and numbers)
  • Username: peoplefone SIP Username (11 numbers)
  • Once you have made all the necessary entries, the IP wizard will try to register the phone with the VoIP Provider
  • After a successful registration, the message ” Your IP account is registered with your provider. ” will appear in the display
  • After this appears click on Yes and OK

Check afterwards that outgoing calls are on IP1 and not a fixline. To check this do the following: Setting -> Telephony -> Send-Connections -> Connection for outgoing calls <IP1> Save

Manual Configuration

To start , connect the base to the mains and connect it to your internet router. (If your router supports PoE , you do not need to connect the power supply). The blue light should be on. Meaning that the base is connected to the LAN.

The next step is to register a handset to the base.

In the main menu on the handset , go to settings to trigger recording.

Main Menu – Settings – Recording – Rec. combined

Press the button ( LED ) for at least 7 seconds. The handset will attempt to find a base, once the base is found , enter the password 0000 (default password).

Connection to the configuration interface

To configure the basestation, you must have a computer connected (wired or WiFi ) on the same network as the base. On the handset go to the network settings and type in the IP address of the base.

Main Menu – Settings – System – Local Network

On your computer, open a web page in the address bar, type the IP address you wrote down. You can change the interface language from the dropdown menu. Type the default password ” 0000″ if needed.

SIP Account Setup

In the phone interface on the home page click on ‘ Settings ‘. Then “Telephony” in the left menu.

You should have an overview of all SIP lines of the unit.

Click the ‘ Edit ‘ of the line “IP1”

Then click the Show Advanced Settings

Fill in the fields as follows :

Connection Name or call number – peoplefone (or any other name you wish)

Login ID – SIP user name (see “peoplefone Account”)

“Password” – Your SIP password

“Username” – SIP Username

“Display Name” – Put the name you want for the line.

“Domain” – (or for HOSTED accounts)

“Proxy server” – (or pour les comptes HOSTED)

“Registration server” – (or pour les comptes HOSTED)

“Outbound Server Address “ – (ou pour les comptes HOSTED)!

Click “Set” to save the settings. The status of the line must be changed to “Registered”.