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peoplefone SMS API

This technical documentation is available in English only.

SMS Service Setup

From your customer portal, go under API CONFIGURATION and SMS service.

Click on +Add button tu begin the setup and fill the following fields.

  • Description – you can add a description with max 50 characters for this SMS service
  • Billed User – if costs are incurred, they will be billed via the selected virtual user
  • SMS Status callback url – endpoint URL for sending a SMS delivery report
  • SMS MT callback url – endpoint URL for sending an incoming SMS message (SMS MT) to client, if not defined the SMS status callback shall be used

Select Create new API Key to create it right now and add a name.


After clicking on Save button the following pop-up will open.
Please click on Copy and close after reading.


Once the key has been created, you can find it under Service API Keys.

You can carry out the interactions below.

  • Edit – edit the name of the key
  • IP Whitelisting – add IP addresses or range of IP addresses to be whitelisted
  • Regenerate – generates a new key that you can copy
  • Remove – remove the current key

API description

You will find the detailed description and the YAML file of this API in the following link.