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Yealink W80B Multi-Cell

The new W80 solution from Yealink can in principle only be operated in multi-cell mode.
There must be at least 2 devices, a DECT manager (DM) and a base.
Handsets cannot be connected to the DECT Manager.

If you want a single cell solution from Yealink then you have to use a W60B.

Only the DECT Manager is then entered in the provisioning with us with the MAC address, as is usual, and the base devices then connect to the DM via the network.

After the provisioning has been carried out, log in to the WebGUI.

There you go to “Base Station Registration” where you will see unassigned base stations on the same network.

Click here in the “Operation” column on the symbol to add the base.

Here you can set the name, the cluster and also the IP of the base, unless you simply use DHCP.

Then click OK and the base has been added to the manager and handsets can now be registered.

You can then see the status in the menu under “Base Station Settings” and from there you can also restart individual or all base stations.