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peoplefone SOFTPHONE


  • The peoplefone SOFTPHONE is only compatible with the product peoplefone HOSTED
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Chromium (Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.)


  • Select Softphone and click Select
  • Choose how many people (lines) you need
  • Define the term in months
  • If you want to test the product, you can do it 30 days for free
  • Click Next
  • Select the desired payment method and click Pay
  • If the account has too little credit, an invoice will be created
  • In the case of invoices that are still open, the number displayed for payments will be

Softphone Benutzer hinzufügen

  • Click +Add
  • Select the user and store the e-mail address
  • Click Add
  • The created softpone users are displayed to you

Define password / user action

The user receives an e-mail and must reset a password for the softphone login

  • If the email has already been used for login, no new password needs to be set
  • Click on the link contained in the email
  • The password must be entered twice for verification
  • Please use capital, small and special characters, the password must be at least 8 digits.


To log in to SOFTPHONE, please go to the page: SOFTPHONE


After logging in, you will have the option to select your desired language in the top right corner of the browser.


  • Enter your login credentials and click Login

Upon successful entry of the login credentials, you will be passed to the WebGUI of the peoplefone SOFTPHONE.


  • If you do not know your password anymore, you can enter a new one, click on Forgot password
  • Enter your e-mail address and click on: Send E-Mail
  • peoplefone sends you an email, check the inbox for a new message and then click on password reset



The Peoplefone Chrome extension provides the Click & Call and the Notification feature. You can find the extension here:

Audio configuration

In the Audio Setup menu:

You can configure your preferred device. We recommend using the headset and microphone of the same device if possible.

If you have a compatible headset and the correct software / extension installed, you can configure the softphone to use the headset automatically.

To enable this option, verify that your device is fully detected:

  • Activate the Use headset automatically option. This option is only available when a compatible headset is detected.


You have the ability to see the call status (available, busy, ringing) of other users within the same HOSTED PBX.

  • To add a user to the BLF buttons, click on the pen tool and add the desired user



  • Using this keypad you can dial any number and search directly for a contact in your phonebook by specifying a contact name.
  • When you click on the contact, you will be shown if more than one number has been saved.

 Companies phone book

To manage the company phone book, you must log in to the peoplefone Konto as a user with the necessary Access-Rights. For more information about the administration, see the following article: Phonebook


In the call overview you can see all made and missed calls.


All active calls are displayed in this area.

  • A green line indicates connected calls
  • A blue line indicates an incoming call
  • An orange line indicates a call on hold
  • A purple line indicates a conference call

Available functions


This option opens a keyboard where you can enter the digit for IVR

 Mute / UnMute

Mute or unmute the call When a call is muted, your microphone is disabled, but you can still hear the other party.

 Hold / on hold a call

wird verwendet, um einen Anruf zu halten und erneut zu verbinden
Wenn Sie einen verbundenen Anruf haben und einen neuen Anruf starten oder einen eingehenden Anruf entgegennehmen, wird der verbundene Anruf automatisch gehalten.

 Call transfer

If you have only one connected call and press the transfer button, you can initiate an immediate call transfer. If you also have a call on hold, you can also perform a monitored transfer. For detailed information, please read the following.

Conference call

Currently we support a maximum of 5 simultaneous calls during a conference.

 Call transfer – Details

The softphone offers direct call forwarding (without announcement) and monitored call forwarding. Both functions are triggered via the call forwarding key of an active call or a call on hold.

Direct transfer (without announcement)

With an active call or a call on hold, press the forward key. You will see that the call button of the internal users, keypad and phonebook will change to a blue call forward button. To perform the transfer without notice, you just need to click the transfer button of the selected destination.

Attended transfer

To forward a call with an announcement, you must:

  • Put the connected call on hold and start a second call (you can also start a second call directly, the system will automatically put the connected call on hold).
  • When the new call is connected, press the forward button.
  • Select the other call to connect by pressing its forwarding button.


If you have installed the extension, then the peoplefone SOFTPHONE will display a notification on an incoming call. The control for this can be made via the browser and the system settings. The call can also be accepted or rejected via the notification.




If you have set up a firewall that blocks outgoing traffic, you must open the port for signaling and language. For more information, see the following document: Required Firewall Rules


We support integration with many Jabra headsets via the integration module provided by Jabra.

With this integration, many functions provided by the headset can be used, e.g.: Answer / end call from headset, mute call, etc. When the softphone detects the headset, it can automatically configure them as the main audio source.

All headsets can be used. Headset Call Management currently only through Jabra and Poly (Plantronics, Polycom) headsets.

peoplefone has not tested all devices. If you need to select a new headset, we recommend that you check with Jabra to see if this particular device is fully supported.

Supported Jabra devices

According to the browser integration website, this library supports all Jabra professional headsets and Jabra speakerphones, such as the Jabra Evolve series, Jabra Biz series, Jabra Speak series, and Jabra Engage series.

Jabra Browser Integration Extension

Click on one of the links below to download Jabra Chrome Host:

Once you have downloaded the .zip file, you will need to extract the installation file (.msi for Windows and .dmg for Mac) and run it on your computer.

Then proceed with the installation of the 2nd extension required for the proper functioning of your Jabra headset by following the instructions below.

  1. Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  2. Search for Jabra Browser Interation Extension
    Jabra Browser Integration Extension – Chrome Web Store
  3. A blue bar appears -> click add
  4. Pay attention to the pop-up and allow access (allow/enable)
  5. Click on “Add
  6. Allow the message of the pop-up
  7. Extension is enabled in Edge
  8. If you have installed the extension, please check the audio settings

Known problems

  • When the SRTP Enable option is enabled, some features do not work properly. The workaround is to disable the SRTP function.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth headset, such as the Jabra Evolve 75, you must use the included Bluetooth dongle from Jabra.
  • If you cannot answer a call with your headset, you need to install the two extensions listed in the Jabra Browser Integration Extension section