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Phone Numbers

Buy / Order – National Numbers

peoplefone can provide you with new phone numbers from different area codes from Switzerland. If you are already a customer of peoplefone, then you can choose your own numbers in your customer account under Buy / Order and buy them via the store system.

Port existing phone numbers

If you are now with a provider and have existing phone numbers and want to port them to peoplefone, then this is no problem. In order to port numbers, you first need a customer account with peopleofone, which you can register for free on our website.

If you have successfully logged in to the customer account, you will find the porting authorization in the menu link under Contracts / Document, which you must complete and sign and return to the e-mail address provided.

We will then submit this porting on the other side and get the number to peoplefone. You can also find more information about phone numbers on our website in the phone numbers section.

Cancel phone numbers

Preipaid Customer

If you no longer need your numbers or a number block, then as a prepaid customer you can do this at any time and let the existing subscription expire.

Postpaid Customer

If you are a postpaid customer, then you must do this in writing by email at [email protected]. Please note that you have three months notice to cancel with peoplefone.

Move phone numbers

If it is necessary to transfer number from one customer account to another, it will be done only by written request by e-mail. Please tell us from which account and numbers need to be transferred. For the transfer please specify a date, here is the recommendation to do this during business and opening hours of peoplefone 08:00 – 17:30. We need a lead time of seven working days to schedule this action.

Split phone numbers

The splitting of phone numbers is partly possible, but must be checked. DDI call number blocks may only be split in increments of 10. For example, if you have a call number block of 20, this must be halved.

Please place such requests with support at [email protected]

Business Rufnummern

Supported 0900 numbers

peoplefone supports only certain chargeable 0900 numbers. Basically all 0900 numbers are blocked, you can see a list of allowed numbers here.

Request for 0900 number check

If you need to call a 0900 number on a regular basis, then you need to submit an application to peoplefone. You can find the form on our website. peoplefone will check if the numbers can be released. A time controlled billing is not possible (e.g. from the first minute CHF. 2.5.- and from 10 minutes free of charge).

Order phone book

The paper phone book is no longer distributed. To order it, contact [email protected]

Telephone directory

Address book entries and changes must be requested by the customer directly from

Porting 0800-Number

Costs for porting or activating a 08xx number

Porting or activation (new registration) of an 0800/0840/0844/0848 number costs a one-time charge of CHF 140 per order and the monthly cost of an 08XX number is CHF 40/month. Incoming calls from the fixed network are billed at CHF 0.03 per minute and incoming calls from the mobile network are billed at CHF 0.25 per minute.

For porting or activation we need:

  • peoplefone Business Contract
  • Porting power of attorney (also for Activation / New Registration!)
  • Copy of the BAKOM letter “Allocation order of the E-164 number”

Customers with 08XX numbers have to sign a peoplefone business contract (postpaid account) and will receive a monthly bill as the incoming calls will be billed at the end of the month. 

International phone numbers

New international numbers

peoplefone can organize phone numbers from various countries and provide them in your customer account. You can find a list of possible phone numbers on our website. If you are interested, please fill in the order form: Form

Porting international numbers

It is not always guaranteed that international numbers can be ported. However, we will be happy to look at your case and check the possibility. Write us an e-mail with the necessary information on: [email protected]

Conditions for the new order or porting of numbers from abroad

If you want to order one or more foreign numbers at peoplefone or if you want to port already used numbers to peoplefone, we need the following documents from you:

  • Extract from the commercial register of the respective country
  • Proof of address (e.g. by means of a utility bill)
  • Passport or ID of the person who is registered in the commercial register and/or has signed the porting authorization (collective signature regulations have to be considered)
  • Completed “Ordering a new international telephone number” form (see section below)