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peoplefone CONF


With peoplefone CONF you have a cost effective and simple telephone conference solution. After activating the subscription you receive your conference number and conference pin, which you send to all desired participants. Each participant dials in with one of the peoplefone dial-in numbers and pays at his provider the call to a local landline number. 

Already existing peoplefone customers pay nothing, because the dial-in numbers are from peoplefone and therefore the call from peoplefone to peoplefone is free among members.

Konferenz kaufen

  • In your customer account, under Buy / Order – peoplefone CONF, you can set up the conference yourself

Set up conference room

Normal access (moderator)

  • You can view the conference numbers, click +Show dial-in numbers
  • The system requires a pin for security reasons
  • You can switch the music on hold on or off and specify whether this should be announced acoustically when a subscriber enters.

Limited access (participants)

  • Please deposit a pin for security reasons
  • Music on hold can be turned on or off
  • You can define, above the subscriber can only listen
  • You can set the subscriber to wait until the first power user enters
  • Specify whether a participant is to be notified acoustically when he or she enters the room

Note: The two pins must not be identical!

Dial-in numbers

If you click on this button, all available dial-in numbers will be displayed. The advantage of dial-in numbers is that you can dial into these conferences at local landline rates from the various countries.

Send invitation

What information do participants need?

You can send the following information to the participants by e-mail.

  • Conference number
  • Pin for the respective authorization
  • Dial-in number for the country in which the subscriber is located